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Here are many of the variations of dishes served at All8Up! There is something for everyone.


All8Up owners and head chefs, Tony and Kathy Brown.

“My wife and I like to say that we put out quality and consistency,”

“I do know in the pizza industry from my experience that quality and consistency is exactly what people want. Also they want it at the time that they ask for it,”

“With experience, you can make a delicious hoagie. I believe we do that.”



The Story
Tony and Kat have worked in the restaurant industry for a combined 40 years. Tony’s Italian heritage and his love of being a “pizza chef” has allowed him to create some pizza shop staples. “The food is so good it is all ate up” is a line that Tony and Kat have heard a lot when they owned a pizza place in Fairfield. The name of their new place in Downtown Hamilton had to be All8Up. In all, the Brown family has had a lot of fun with the number 8.
The taste from All8Up comes from lessons learned over all the years working in the food industry. Add great taste with quality ingredients and friendly service and you have a nice, family friendly, place to eat-in the Downtown Hamilton area. So, come on in and eat or call ahead fo carry-out or delivery and you will experience a great taste at All8Up.